Municipality of Aveiro welcomes the International Conference PRISMA

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Thursday, 15 May, 2014 - 09:00 to 19:00

Within the European project PRISMA - " The future of risk management in Europe ", the city of Aveiro welcomes the May 15, 2014 the third conference, boosting cooperation and exchanging knowledge and experiences among the different bodies with a view to risk mitigation.

Preventive risk management is a priority in policy planning, provide an opportunity for the municipality of Aveiro implement a strategy for assessing and managing risk for dangerous substances in SEVESOII industries (industries framed in establishments subject to the system of prevention major accidents involving dangerous substances and limit their consequences for man and the environment) and its road and rail transport, attending a networking base for international sharing and acquiring new knowledge.

The Municipality of Aveiro, in a suitable strategic context, may have a support document for planning and territorial management process and the development of instruments and operating emergency, a collaboration of the local network of risk management: Administration port of Aveiro, Regional Health Center, Portuguese Environment Agency, National Authority for Civil Protection, Commission for Regional Coordination and Development Center, Regional Directorate of Economics Center and the University of Aveiro.

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