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Friday, 31 January, 2014 - 15:00 to Sunday, 2 February, 2014 - 16:30





Day 31 | January | 2014
15.00 Opening of the secretariat
Accreditation of Delegates
Delivery of Documentation
17:00 Solemn Opening Session
Cultural moment
President of the XIV National Congress of ANAFRE Mesa , José Rosa Egypt
President of the Executive Council of ANAFRE , Armando Vieira Diniz
Mayor of Aveiro , José Agostinho Ribau Esteves
Secretary of State for Local Government , António Leitão Amaro
18.30 Ratification of the Rules of the XIV Congress of ANAFRE
Consideration and discussion of the Report of Activities
Mandate 2009/2013 - Governing Board
Presentation : Armando Vieira , President of the Executive Council
Fiscal Council
Presentation : Manuel Nobre , Chairman of the Supervisory Board
20H00 Dinner

Day 1 | February | 2014
09.30 Consideration , discussion and vote of the General Lines of Action of ANAFRE
' Discussion and Debate' - Mandate 2013-2017
13H00 Lunch
15.00 Resumption of work , continuing debate and
Time for submission of Motions, Motions and Recommendations
18:00 Presentation , discussion and voting on motions to Congress and
Time limit for submission of candidate lists for organs of ANAFRE
20:00 Closure of the day jobs
Day 2 | February | 2014
9.00 Opening of Polls (for electronic voting ) Election to the bodies of ANAFRE
Congress , the General Council , Governing Board and Supervisory Board Table
10.30 Consideration and vote on the conclusions of the XII National Congress ANAFRE
Presentation by: Elisabete Matos , Vice - President of the Executive Council
11.00 Closing of the Polls for Election of Governing Bodies of ANAFRE
12.00 Presentation of the results of the election for the governing bodies of ANAFRE
12.15 Construction of new seating of Congress and Executive Council
13.00 Solemn Closing Session
Chairman of the National Congress of ANAFRE
President of the Executive Council of ANAFRE
Mayor of Aveiro , José Agostinho Ribau Esteves
Deputy Minister and Regional Development , Miguel Poiares Maduro
14H00 End of XVI National Congress of ANAFRE


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